Stabilization confusion file provided

Sorry if the solution is very simple as I don’t use MochaPro very often (mostly for object removal). But now working inside Davinci Resolve I am trying to stabilize a shot done walking with a gimbal through a backend alley. I select the end of the alley to track as that plane does not change. I select everything perspective included. Once it is tracked I select stabilize all motion with smoothing and when I render as I am getting closer to the alley end the window is getting smaller and smaller till it is minuscule. So it is impossible to stabilize because you end with a mini part of the shot.

When I stabilize with any of the options of Davinci I loose at most a 10-15% of the shot not a 95% of it. What is going on. I tried having selected and deselected zoom, centre etc but nothing gets me to a stabilized shot the way Davinci or any NLE handles it. Is it possible for Mocha Pro to stabilize this kind of shots or it is not meant for this more complex perspective changing ones. I give you a link of the clip I want to stabilize. Maybe someone can hint me to a video with a similar clip to stabilize as I think walking with a gimbal is quite common. Thank you for your help.

Hi there,

Stabilization on perspective shifts is tricky. Track from the end of the alley to the beginning, so the end of the timeline to the beginning of the timeline. Then, in the stabilize module, select add frame at the end and the beginning of the shot, stabilize all motion with maximum smoothing, you should then stabilize between those two frames and not lose as much of the frame.

Try stabilizing translation, scale, and rotation only if perspective gives you any weird shifts.

Can you try that and let me know if it works for you?


I followed your instructions but there is still something I am not doing right. The stabilization of the shot is unbelievable , really good but I end up with a tiny frame. I selected a frame at the beginning and the end of the frame. This is really a weird step as even if some numbers appear I cannot see those references anywhere ?¿? I think here I am doing something wrong. I clicked the plus sign in the “frame list” at the first frame and last. Is this right? But as I said the stabilization is really smooth, when I play it back inside the Mocha Pro plugin (OFX Davinci) everything seems perfect but once I save and exit and then render stabilization in the Module render then when i play in Davinci the window get smaller and smaller till it is very tiny. At least I advanced as it does not happen inside Mocha. Any suggestion that once outside the plugin the rendered stabilization acts the same as inside the module. Thanks again for your help

Edit: I was incorrect, Stabilize should work in Resolve. You will have to render the shot to your timeline using the Moch Pro interface render option. You can try my solve and see if it works.

Stabilization example.mocha (1.0 MB)

Let me know if my file behaves the same. Are you using autofill and seeing errors? Because that might be what is causing problems.

I entered Mocha Pro deleted my track and stabilization. Open yours and when I exit and save again the same issue (you used 3 tracking zones I only one -at the end wall too- Stabilization is excellent on both cases. I use the render module. And again when i play it back in Resolve the window gets smaller and smaller loosing most of the frame . I attached a sved video screenshot so you can see what I am talking about. When I move the playhead you can see how it gets smaller and smaller
recorded screen video

Hi Mary:
I finally got it work. By trial and error :cold_face: I was activating and deactivating checkboxes to see how to get rid of the blackframes . Finally just checking “apply crop” and leaving blank centre and zoom did the trick. I don’t really know the logic behind this but it just stabilizes the image without all those black borders. If I check zoom it zooms in the little area of the end of the stabilization zooming 1000x so it totally ruins the image and centre I have no idea what it does but I left it unchecked too. Autofill unchecked.

The stabilization I get is amazing , much better than Davinci. But I have to say that Davinci is so much more intuitive than Mocha Pro. You select simple option and stabilize with different methods(perspective,similarity or translation. No need to establish first and last frame (I would think this should be default, 99% of the times you will have all the clip stabilized from the first to last frame) Also those Centre , zoom, apply crop are still confusing me. Why would anyone have black borders dancing around the image.

In any case problem solved. Thank you very much for all your support.

That’s definitely unexpected behavior, so I am going to let @martinb know about it. We might need to test it and make sure it is behaving as expected.

I am glad you are all set though! Center, Zoom, and Apply crop should look just like it does in Mocha, if it’s not rendering to the timeline like it looks in Mocha then there’s potentially a bug we need to address.