Stabilization Issue with 360 Rover Video


I’m using the Mocha Pro Plugin ver. 7.0.4 within After Effects, and I’m trying to stabilize 360 video shot from a rover. I’ve been able to stabilize some of the central area, but the floor is still bumpy due to the rover wheels on the tile.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might be able to better stabilize this jittering from the camera movement?


You might have to stabilize this in parts, so stabilize for the floor to be solid (barring any jello rolling shutter issues), stabilize for the ceiling, stabilize for the horizon, and then use Mocha masks to composite them together?

The problem with 360 stabilization is whatever you stabilize, other parts will wiggle if they were moving differently in the stitch or a host of other issues. Usually one reorient is sufficient to stabilze a 360 shot, and sometimes just using reorient twice on the same shot in the same way will fix little hiccups. But as I say, some shots might be trickier and require some compositing depending on the stitch type used, because some stitchers try to compensate for movement and they can really make your mileage vary.

TLDR: Try reorient again first, if that doesn’t work, solve for the areas you need to be solid that will be noticable if they wiggle and composite them together.

Let me know how it goes!


Can you please make some nice video tutorial on this topic too (using Mocha masks to composite several parts together)? Your videos are very helpful (y)

If we can find footage with this issue we can try to put it in the video schedule.

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