Stabilization video - shaking camera

Hello, I have a video footage:
Camera is moving and shaking and soldiers are moving too and whole perspective is changing, I need to stabilize camera movement and make it less shaky. How can I do it? I need to stabilize it smoothly, this is a long footage for 2 minutes and I’ll need to stabilize it all.
Please give me any advice!
I can provide some piece of this footage to test it out. :o

Since the ridge at the top of the shot is most consistent and visible, I would suggest tracking that, then use the stabilise module to handle which parts you want stabilised.
Just draw a large long shape around the top half of the image, including the top of the ridge to get the detail. You may have to mask out the foreground elements (the long boxes) to stop throwing the track off.

The planar tracker is diesigned to track at shifting angles, but if you want to track long pans, either stop the track when your shape starts to go off screen and move it further along, or alternatively, choose NONE from the “link to track” dropdown.
Make sure you turn on your grid or surface while you track to make sure you see how the track is going. The spline is not the track, it is just the search area.

Because the spline is not the track.
Send me the footage and i’ll look at it.

Please email me and I will send you an example of how I tracked it:

When I go to that link it just sends me to a sign in page. What login should I be using?

How can I stabilize footage if I track something without linking to the tracking layer? I didn’t get it. My footage now is shaking and I want to make it very smooth.
I’m not sure Mocha Pro can handle it, may be I should go to another software?

Please help me anyone, I need to trac this shot today :rolleyes:

How can I track it if it moves all the time to the different angles? I know Mocha Pro has option to track some area without stick to the area, it just collects some tracking information and then you can use it.
Is this the way to track this footage?

Here is a short preview to stabilize it.

I’ll be really appreciate to any help and might tutorial of Mocha file, to practice my stabilizing.
Thank you.

Sorry, I didn’t know it doesn’t work for public.
Here is a correct link