Stabilize 360° with jittery wobbles?

Hi, this is 360 footage. It has a flowstate stabilization from the insta360-app, but you see the buildings will “jitter”. How can I improve the video with Mocha Pro?

I tried to stabilize just the horizon it didnt work. Please help - thank you!


Sorry to say that Mocha Pro’s 360 features are not designed to correct “jello or jittery stitch issues”.
The main reason 360 creators use Mocha Pro is for horizon stabilization, 360 rotoscoping/masking, and removing the camera at the nadir (object removal). All features are based on “planar tracking” – whereas pixel jitter within the frame that is not moving consistently and battling each other is not something Mocha is really designed to fix.

Many of the 360/VR pros use Mistika VR for stitching and stabilization.
You may want to check out Re:Lens tool:

Lastly, there is a good group on FB where you might find more tips: Redirecting...

Hope this helps,

Thank you! I work with Mistika VR. But didnt stabilize with it. I will try it out!

Of course – please share if you come up with a good solution.