Stabilize a Circular dolly shot

Hey there! Like i said on the title, I´m trying to stabilize a shot where the camera shakes to the sides. The positive thing about this shot is that the background is black, so I won’t have a problem if Mocha crop the shot on the sides. I let here a link of the shot so you can see it. Thank you so much!

This will be tricky, as your actors are moving and there is nothing else in the shot to track. The light also changes dramatically.

Unfortunately I don’t see an easy way to do this.

Yeah, the best bet here is to track this guy’s shoulder and back with translation ONLY wherever you can, and jump to the girl only when she totally obscures those features. You won’t get a perfect stabilize, but you will be able to smooth it a bit with him as a focal point, since he’s in the shot the most.

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