Stabilize a really complicate long shot

Hi, my name’s Guglielmo and I’m new on this forum.

I’d like to ask you what’s the best way to set up the mocha project to get all the infos to stabilize a really complicate long shot.

The shot has been done with a 6D and a 24mm lens on it. Basically the camera follows a women walking inside her apartment and “draw a 8 shape”. It’s an hand held camera and I’d like to stabilize it as better as I can. I’ve tried with AE Warp stabilizer but I didn’t get the right result, so I moved to Mocha AE. I’m not completely new in Mocha AE (i’ve already used it for rotoscoping, masking and do some simple and fast camera tracking for 3D and stabilization). Since the entire scene is inside the apt I have got a lot of different planes (all the walls) and I guess there’s a way to use them, but I don’t know how.

If you know a tutorial on how to do a complicate stabilization it will be helpful.

Looking forward for any suggestions


Hi there,

Your best bet will be following these techniques: Boris FX | Mocha Fundamentals Chapter 9a: Stabilize in After Effects

But you will probably only want to track translation, scale, and rotation.

You may want to try a trial of mocha Pro for the stabilize module, which gives you a lot more control about where and how you are stabilizing you shots.


Thank you so much for you fast reply.

I’ve tried a lot of different techniques but I cannot figured out how to stabilize the shot well.

The problem is that I don’t have always the same plane, since the camera moves in 8 shape. So I’ve tried to start the traking from one wall and then when the camera rotate continue the traking on the second wall and so on, but all the data I got are not enough to get the right stabilization.
Unfortulately the link you sent show just a basic stabilization technique… If you have any other suggestions are more than wellcome.

Thank you again.

That’s less of a stabilize issue and more of a you need to get creative about the track issue, I think. Try tracking only translation if it’s jumping around too much. And keep adding shapes to your track as the background updates. Can you try that and let me know the results? Try tracking across the planes.

You can also send me an email with the best number to reach you at and I can try to talk you through it. :slight_smile:

Hi Mary,
I’ve appreciated your teaching videos muchly!
Regarding this thread I’m struggling with a similar sounding drone shot.
Wonder if you’d be willing to help me thru this one?
I can send footage to you but am unable to post publicly.
Basically the drone flies foward for quite a few seconds and then rolls off to the right. At the start of the ‘roll’ i’d like to leave the footage unstabilzed but the earlier stuff has some left right movement from the drone ops corrections and I want to make it seem like a straight/smooth flight path until the roll.
Many thanks!

I can take a look. Email maryp at