Stabilize and camera solvig

Can i stabilize and camera solving my footage in same time? when i export the camera data into the after effects, the result is shaky!

(After effects cc 2017)
(Mocha pro plugin 2019.5)

If the footage is shakey, you will need to stabilize it first, render, and then track the stabilized result. The tracking data will only camera solve the initial track.

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If stabilize first, some pixels are missing in border area and cause low quality camera solving. Is there a solution for reposition the footage “manually”, after the stabilize?

One way to work around this issue is to pad your clip with black borders in a large-sized frame before opening in Mocha. Then you can reposition the stabilized clip to your liking after the fact. The best workflow here is to use the Mocha Pro plugin. For example, if using Adobe AE, you would pre-comp your clip into a larger frame size before applying Mocha. Then back in AE, after the stabilize output, you would reposition and comp into the original size pre-comp.

Hope this helps.

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According to your description, we have to apply “mocha pro plugin” twice. first one for stabilizing, then after precomp and resizing the stabilized result, apply mocha pro again for camera solving. Did you mean?

I would render before I camera solved.

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