Stabilize Auto Fill not working

I am using Mocha Pro AE 6.0.3 in AE CC 2019.

When I enable the Auto Fill option, nothing get filled in the AE composition. In the Mocha GUI, I think it works, but I have doubts I’m seeing it right. Looks like the canvas gets cropped to hide black bars but nothing gets filled.

After reading the doc, I’ve even tried duplicating my tracked mask + enabling the Fill from BG option to force Mocha to use a BG plate like the in Remove module.

Ideas? Thanks!

Auto fill only fills in color and it only fills where Mocha can’t find data for the remove. It also only fills in the shapes for the remove where that shape intersects with the BG tracked layer. Can you send me a screenshot of the problem so I can have more information to help you solve this issue?


Hello! I couldn’t reply earlier because my account was on hold for approval…

Enlarging the masks so that the top layer intersects with the BG layer at the edges of the picture did the trick. I thought that the Auto Fill option used the tracking data only and did not rely on the masks at all. I was wrong and you made me learn a new thing. Thanks a lot!


That’s great, happy to help!