Stabilize auto fill search range and step?

Hello, i’m working on a very long clip at 50 fps and need to stabilize it (i’m working on a subset of 1200 frames).

My issue is with autofill feature. I know that the useable content for the auto fill function lies in the clip, but when i have biggest camera shakes that content is many and many frames away from the currently processed.

Setting 300 frames search range makes autofill impossible due to immense processing times. Is it possible to set a skip parameter like the one in remove module? I tried to set the skip parameter in the remove module but it doesn’t affect the stabilize module, or, at least, this is what it looks like.

Thank you! Umberto

Hi Umberto,

If you have large amounts of shake and the BG is not lining up, that means the track isn’t rock solid. The autofill feature is only as good as the tracks you are using, if the track is off, so is the autofill.

Also, autofill is best used on small corrections, when you start needing to replace huge amounts of frame it’s not the best tool to use. Couple that with you should never lock down big camera shakes, only try to even out the bumps, otherwise you will get pulsing blur in your stabilize render.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.