Stabilize Export of Tracker different than Stabilize through Module in Nuke


I am working with Nuke and Mocha Pro (actually Mocha VR but set to work with 2d footage and a 1 pt lens) and am trying to create a tracker node that exactly matches the stabilization I get directly from the Mocha node. Alternatively if there is way to reverse the stabilization out of the Mocha Node I wouldn’t need the tracker.

Also, within the Mocha I have multiple tracks. Which tracks does the stabilize render? Does it average the tracks?

Lastly, does the stabilize through the node apply “All Motion” stabilization by default?

The last two questions are mainly out of curiosity. Really I’m just looking for a way to recreate the stabilization I get from the Mocha node.


Hi there,

Are you using this workflow? Boris FX | Mocha V5.6.0 User Guide

It should export the stabilization you are creating in Mocha Pro, or you can simply render it inside the plugin in Nuke.