Stabilize Flicker in Premiere (Plugin, Mac)

Did a cursory search of forums and google and didn’t find anything on this. Has anybody had an issue with this before?

I’ve used Mocha Pro with success in After Effects, but this is my first time doing it in Premiere and I am having this flickering issue (link attached-before/after). The shot tracks and stabilizes inside of Mocha and looks good, but it won’t render out to Premiere without the flicker, and furthermore, a render/replace or export retains the glitch.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve done the process correctly (checked render checkbox and set the module to stabilize). I also tried starting a new Premiere Project to isolate the clip in question but that didn’t help either. (Using latest version of Premiere v2017.1.1, on a well-equipped mac running OSX Yosemite)

Link to an example. They are extremely short clips: the before, and then the after with the stabilize attempt.

Thank you in advance!


I’ve had the same issue with some video files. Exporting the videos as image sequences and then reimporting them for the tracking seemed to work for me.

Cool. Thank you for the reply. I’ll experiment a little bit. I’m pretty sure that I could find some kind of workaround but this is for a feature-length project so having the ability to quickly stabilize shots right in Premiere was a serious draw. A bit disappointed if it doesn’t work out that way as I’ll most likely be skipping most of the shots. Time is of the essence.

An update: There was an update to the software that popped up last night and I DL’d and so far things seem to be working now. I run into some problems now and again where my now stabilized shots won’t render out of Premiere but I restarted Premiere/computer and it would start working again. In better shape than previously though.

Thanks for updating the forum with your solution.

Yes, please update to v5.5.2 or later: Boris FX | Downloads

We resolved a number of render issues in Premiere in this version.