Stabilize in Mocha AE CC2019


I’m reasonably new to Mocha and there is something I cant figure out.
I have a short clip where I’m zoomed in to the moon and Im then slowly zooming out to get the people sitting on a terrace.
As this is handheld shot I want to stabilize the moon in the shot.
When I open Mocha AE from after effects I make a shape around the moon, place the blue square around it to and start tracking, this is all going perfect.
Then I save the project and go back to AE, now from here I don’t really know what to do, I open Mocha in effects, I create track data and whatever export I tried the moon is never stabilized the shot is actually exactly the same as before.
What steps did I miss here, I tries exporting Transform, Corner Pin with and without motion blur but nothing works.
I added some screenshots of what I did
Hope someone can help me out hetre.

Thanks Tony


You need to invert the tracking data for stabilization, or use the Mocha Pro stabilize module. This tutorial might help you: Boris FX | Mocha Fundamentals Chapter 9a: Stabilize in After Effects

I did invert tracking but how do you export this? As Transform data? And I don’t have Mocha pro so that is not an option. Just want to know the steps how to do it with Mocha AE.

You’ll need to use a corner pin, the technique should be in that tutorial listed above.