Stabilize in Premiere Pro not Zooming to fill frame

Just updated to the newest version of Mocha and am now getting a couple of weird things happening in Premiere Pro.

I’ll track a shot, got to the stabilize tab, set Zoom and Center, go to render in Mocha, get the following error:
Unable to complete operation (Standard Library Error).

Save, go back to Premiere, render, the shot is stabilized but not Zoom’d.

(sorry for the abbreviated post, on a freelance job with a deadline)

Thanks, this is a definite defect.

If you attempt to render again after the error turns up in the Mocha GUI, does the bug go away?

Little more info for you:
macOS 10.13.6
Premiere Pro v13.0.3 (Build 9)
Mocha 2019 v6.0.1
PPro Renderer set to Metal (though I checked Open CL and it doesn’t change)
Tracking Translation, Scale, Rotation
Stabilize X,Y Translation, Rotation. Borders Centre & Zoom.

If I attempt to render again within Mocha I do not get the error message. I can render a QuickTime video out of Mocha (although the codec window pops up behind everything instead of in front). In the PPro timeline with the Render button checked and the Module Stabilize selected I get a stabilized clip as if the Centre and Zoom boxes are not checked within Mocha, even though they are. If I go back into Mocha, to the Stabilize module, and select Smooth Zoom, everything appears to render correctly in the PPro timeline.

Still doing tests, but I’m focusing in on it being an issue with the Centre option.