Stabilize (Lost original Track)

I have a long shot while running down a street. I want to stabilize it.

However, whenever I choose a track point it is gone within 100 frames. This is no help when the clip is 2000 frames long. Is there a way to stabilize with 2+ tracks, instead of just one?

Alternatively, are there any suggestions for this problem. I cannot be the only person with tracks going off screen.

Thanks for any help you can give!

Thanks MaryP,

I have done what you said, tracked the whole clip, moving my tracking points every 50 to 100 frames, to recenter them on the road.

My next question is, whenever I load the Stabilize section, add the first and last frames to the “Frame List” (other wise the picture is off the entire screen in a matter of 50 frames). Crank the “# Frames” up to 20, enable X, Y, and Rot.

Ok so far?

Then, I click the Zoom button to get rid of the black edges, and it zooms in crazy far. Note: The black rim around any given frame is minimal. What is your best guess as to what is causing the major zoom? The track, or the stabilization settings?

Thanks again,


Hi there,

Try detaching the spline from the track, in layer properties, under link to track, choose “none” instead of “layer name.”

You can now move the spline around the shot on the ground and mocha will continue to track the shot. You will probably need to track from the end frame to the beginning frame for best results though.