Stabilize multiple layers?


I’ve got a clip i need to stabilize and it’s driving me nuts.

First of all, it’s a GoPro footage, very shaky at the end (some distortion is visible because of, i guess, rolling shutter).

It’s a pan, on the start and end parts i get good references for tracking, while in the middle part there is a tree (there is some wind) that fills entirely the shot and skrews the tracker because it’s on a narrow plane.

I tried with two layers, one for the start and end part (containing two separated shapes, used one on the start and one on the end of the clip), and a new layer for the middle part but i can stabilize only one layer at a time. How can i extend the stabilization effect also on the middle part?

Thanks! Umberto

Hi Umberto,

Have you tried using the manual track to jump past the occluded area? Align the surface tool to a part of the shot you are able to find again visually after the occlusion, hit manual track in the track tab, and then jump ahead until after the occlusion, then animate the corners of the surface tool to the same location, and continue tracking.


Thank you Mary for the hint,

Too bad i forgot to mention a detail: this is mostly a nodal panning and when the tree goes away i cannot see the same background so i don’t have any reference point to keep tracking. Sorry, my fault.


Then you might just want to stabilize in two sections and combine them. Or use manual track to find the ground plane again instead of the same object.

I managed to get a good result by first correcting the CMOS rolling shutter deformations, then applying stabilization.

Thanks! Umberto

That’s great! I am glad you got that shot all sorted.