Stabilize & Remove Workflow

Using Mocha Pro plugin for AE - I would like to both stabilize a shot using the stabilize module and also remove some track points from the same shot. What is the recommended workflow for this type of thing? Can I do it within one instance of the plugin? (It seems like I can only render one module at a time).

It seems like I should be able to achieve it in one instance of the plugin on the clip, unless I bake my stabilize results and then remove track points (or vice versa).

If it can be done in one instance: Does the stabilize layer need to be on bottom or top of my layers? Still experimenting with all this but thought I would put this out there. I haven’t found much online about trying to use multiple modules at one time.



If you want to output the Remove and Stabilize modules, you would need to have 2 instances of the plug-in as you are right: you can only render one module at a time.

However, you would be able to use the same Mocha plug-in instance for many tasks. You could output the Remove Module render and also export the tracking data from the same project and copy it as keyframe data.

You may want to explore using the stabilize module and exporting stabilized tracking data in the AE format, pasting back to AE. Another option is the regular tracking data can also be “inverted” on export.

Hope this helps. If you are applying multiple instances of the plug-in on 1 clip, you might want to precomp in-between.




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Great, thanks!