Stabilize Unwarp/Warp for Power Mesh Issue


I am a fairly new user that recently upgraded to the 2021.5 Silhouette Standalone/2022 Mocha Pro plug-in bundle. I was attempting to work on a project for which I was using PowerMesh in conjunction with Silhouette auto-paint. I watched the tutorial on “PowerMesh Workflow for Stabilized Paint” a couple of times and believe that I followed the outlined protocols, however after I went to reapply “stabilize warp” (in the Mocha Pro node connected to the Paint node output) it only partially returned to “normal”. In the composite it shows a band of distortion at the bottom of the clip (not where the Power Mesh was) and halfway through the clip it distorts like crazy. I don’t know where I have gone wrong. Sadly - the paint on the arm I was working on looks great it’s just everything else that went sideways. I would appreciate some guidance. Thanks : )
Mocha Pro Node: create PowerMesh, track, set to “unwarp”. Save and close. Go into Mocha Pro (“MP”) node under module render, select “stabilize unwarp” & “render”. Add Paint node, paint area the area and then when ready to revert, copy and paste MP node and connect to Paint output. Go into the MP2 node and select “stabilize warp”, go back to MP1 and select “apply matte”, add a composite node…

That sounds like a rendering error and I am not sure what is causing it. Can you isolate the effect with a mask and get rid of that error?

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Hi Mary.

Do you mean render as in related to the “render” button on the node, or full render? Just making sure I understand the reference properly. If you mean the 2nd, I have not completed a final render due to the distortion.

I figured it out. There was an issue with the connection from the composite back to the original input…I reestablished it and the distortion is gone in the composite.

Perfect, glad you are all set.

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