Stabilizing a feature that leaves the frame?

I’m trying to remove a surgery scar from the skin of the talent in a shot, and the scar leaves the edge of the screen. I tracked the feature with no issues, and set the surface area accordingly:

Normally for removals like this, I’ll stabilize the feature, paint out the feature, then invert the stabilization for the final.

But for this particular removal, when I use the Stabilize module, it scales the stabilized area past the bounds of the frame:

Because of this, I can’t paint out the stabilized region, because it’s been pushed outside of the frame.

What am I missing here?

Set a reference frame where you can see the object in the middle of the screen. You can do that by setting a reference frame in the reference frame menu “set frames” at the bottom left the stabilize module.

Ah, wonderful, that worked. Thanks Mary!

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