Stabilizing a Zoomed Crane Shot

This shot is giving me fits. It starts on CU of a guy standing in front of a car, and then cranes into a high angle wide shot.
The car is the obvious thing to track and it’s gone pretty well. The trouble is that I can’t limit this thing to translation and rotation when I bring it back into AE. It keeps trying to scale with it and center the vehicle.
I watched the tutorial on this site and followed it pretty closely, using the script to import Mocha’s tracking data. I need to ramp this sucker into high speed, so smoothing the camera shake is essential, but I can’t toss out the move to high angle wide. Any suggestions as to how I might achieve this more successfully?

Try selecting all the keyframes in AE besides translation and rotation and deleting them, and see if that solves your issue?
Let me know more specifics on your tracking method if you’re still having problems after trying that.