Stabilizing bullet time rig shots

I’m currently evaluating Mocha Pro in order to stabilize some “bullet time” -rig shots. The rig consists of 30 DSLRs aligned in a 120-360 degrees curve. The lenses are focused and calibrated towards the ring’s center. All the cameras are shot simultaneously, capturing a time freezing moment. In practice, the stabilisation should be done in the same way as shooting video while doing a camera pan in a circle.
Even though the calibration is done very carefully, the shot still has some stabilization problems. How should one approach this problem with Mocha Pro? Perspectives? Shear? Position, scale, rotation? Which ones to use?

I’ve seen these shots in mocha before. As all your cameras have a different view of the object, the perspective is different in each one. However, I’m guessing what you want to stabilise is the errors in vertical position between each camera, not the perspective change between views.
If that’s your situation, you can just track translation. Try to pick some part of the object that doesn’t change too much from view to view. For example, if your object was a person, you could track the head, because it is roughly the same shape from all angles.

Unless the cameras are panning and turning, you should make sure shear and perspective are not checked. If you’re conveniently focusing on a rig in the center and it’s fixed, just track that and use that object for your stabilize on all your shots.
I’d need to see what was going on in a shot for more specific advice than that.