Stabilizing drone 360 footage


I have a drone clip made with my 360 camera hanging on a gimbal under a drone. I’m editing in Premiere 14.0 with Mocha 2020.

I’ve tried the steps explained in the official video - applying Mocha, drawing a X-Spline around the horizont, then start tracking, reorient (can’t align horizont), saving and returning back to Premiere, select Module renders and finally export - the output result is not stabilised.

Please help.

You can see a screenshot of the 360 clip:

Hi there,

Aligning the horizon is a vital step. If you do not align the horizon, there will not be a reorient applied. Premiere may not render the reorient in real time, we have noticed the renders in premiere can be slow and you may need to actually render the clip.

Try aligning the horizon and trying again.

Please let me know if that works for you,

After tracking is finished (which lasts all eternity), when I go to Reorient and try to align the horizont no way I can do it.
Either I don’t understand the way the blue circle with arrows work or I don’t understand what means to align horizont. Does it mean that the red horizont line must be alligned with the contours of the hills in my example? How do I do that?
I’ve attached a screenshot to explain what I mean - this is the closest I managed to get.

Also, there is the problem of tracking time: for this 1 minute clip it took perhaps 3 hours…

Definitely tracking 360 images can take time.

Yes, you have to align that tool to what the horizon would be, but honestly what I like to do to make it easier is to find a frame where the horizon is as flat as it can be and then align it there. Make sure you haven’t already made a keyframe on a previous frame. You can reset the reorient as well and blow away all your previous keyframes.

Since you have mountains, align it to the distant horizon and not the hills themselves. I then like to look through the front of the camera and use the offsets to move the camera view to my desired location. That will make your reorient perfect.

Try that and let me know?