Stabilizing film credits

I’m not having luck with these credits. I put a whole spline over the frame and set Link to track to none and let it track from beginning to end. Actually I let it track from the middle as I don’t trust the beginnings and ends as the templates. I used 50% of min. pixels to use. Then I set 1,5000 in the frame list so it smoothly stabilizes from beginning to end. No matter what, it doesn’t seem to track/stabilize it right. It always rotates it when there’s obviously no rotation needed.

For this particular clip, track backwards and set frame list to 1,10,500 and look at frame 300 to see the needless curve. What am I doing wrong?

Silly question, but why are you trying to stabilize the credits? :slight_smile:

What parameters are you stabilizing with and tracking with? Only transform in tracking and X/Y in stabilize?

Well, it’s not this clip that I’m particularly interested in but rather why their movement is not being tracked right. It’s all part of the larger learning curve when I’m working with other material. Sometimes, mocha works great and outclasses every other stabilizer out there. Other times, it fails.

At first I used all motion and it appeared to be working right but then when I tried filling in borders, I noticed problems. Then I tried doing only X/Y, rotation and zoom and the problem was worse. Then I only did X/Y and again there was tracking issues. On frame 300 it shifted the whole screen right a few pixels despite the credits only moving vertically from what I can see.


Terribly sorry we missed the response on this!
Are you working in the standalone or a plugin version?

Standalone, but it’s too late as I already moved on and used Virtualdub’s deshaker. It just puzzled me why mocha failed to track these credits but worked on ones before.