Stabilizing: Jitter in footage after setting "Last Frame" in "Range"


I’ve been trying to stabilize a portion of some handheld footage I have, and was ultimately able to successfully stabilize it. I’m happy with how smooth it is.

The problem I’m running into is that I’m trying to use the frame list in the Fixed Frames section to smooth out the stabilization when returning to the original unstabilized portion of the footage after setting the last frame I want Mocha to stabilize in Range section.

I read in the manual that Mocha will not apply stabilization for the frames you enter into the frame list and interpolate the stabilization in the frames surrounding it. But it doesn’t seem as though it’s completely removing the stabilization for the frames I add to the frame list because there’s always a visible jump at the end of the last frame regardless of how many frames I add to the fixed frame list.

Here’s what my settings look like. Am I doing something wrong?

If there’s a jump in your stabilization either your fixed frames are too close together OR your track is not rock solid for your stabilize. From your screenshot it looks like you have too many fixed frames too close together. Delete some of them. 9027, 9028, and 9029 should probably just be 9029. Delete the other tro and see if that fixes your issue.