Stabilizing Shaky Helicopter Footage

Hey guys, first off I apologize if something on this has been posted, but I am at work and on somewhat of a time crunch, and my first look through the forums didnt show anything. If I missed, please post a link to the thread.
I received some helicopter footage that was real shaky. Apparently, something was wrong with the counter balance mech on the chopper. Not sure, but anyway. I am using Mocha 2.3.0 and After Effects CS5.5 to stabilize the image. I’ve run a few tests, and it seems to working ok with one problem. The image still seems to be rotating around the anchor point in After Effects. Below is the workflow that I tried.

  1. In Mocha, Create X-spline Layer, and Track footage with parameters “translation,” “scale,” and “rotation” selected. Ive also tried it without rotation and scale.
  2. Export Tracking Data
  3. Insert clip into After Effects and Paste Tracking data onto video layer.
  4. Delete keyframes on the position, scale, and rotation. Ive also tried diff combinations but the only one that gets close to working is when I only paste the tracking data keyframes onto the anchor point.
    Thats my basic workflow. And it seems to work fine with stabilizing the position, but it wont keep it from rotating around the anchor point.
    I hope I provided enough context and information. Would love the help! Thanks!