Stabilizing VR180


Is there the ability to stabilize (or reorient) VR180 video? If I do a stereoscopic I lose the 180. The only other option is 360 video but that doesn’t work for 180 video.


Reorienting 180 video is successful only if you have the available data to not lose a ton of your shot, much like normal 2D stabilization, you’re limited to the data that you have to work with. So if you whip away from your focal point you need to have enough data there for the stabilization to work. Does that make sense to you?



Not really (sorry!). So should I be editing in VR360 mode? And it will basically black out the other 180 degrees?


You’d need to load 180 footage in 360 mode if you’re going to work in 180 stereo. We have not added any specific 180 support, so you would have to send Mocha a top/bottom “pillar box” format. You would have black outs where the footage wasn’t 360, so you’d only have 180 degrees of non-black pixels. You’d also have to make sure your left and right eye format was equirectangular to get the 180 to load properly. Either way, reorient works only sometimes on 180 footage, as if the shake is too high there’s not enough pixels in the 180 view to cover the shake. 180 stabilization is not as simple as 360 as the frame is not spherical, and when I have used reorient on 180 footage it has only been for minimal shake, and even then I had to scale the footage and kludge a solution together. Stabilization always means losing some pixels when you don’t have extra frame padding, like 360 data in this case, so your results will be a compromise. Think of what happens when you slide a towel around a bowling ball, that’s essentially what the black space will be doing, even if you stabilize a central area, that “towel,” the black pixels, are going to come into frame.

If you just need to pan the footage or move it, Boris FX Continuum VR Unit has 180 support for reorient, insert, titling, etc.

Hope that helps!