Stabilizing walking forward shot

Hi there, me again.

I checked all the stabilizing tutorials in the Mocha site (which by the way, the filtering doesn’t work in safari or chrome on Mac. when selecting browse by “stabilization (7)” nothing really happened) and other on the net, Non of them got a shot like ours and I don’t even know if it possible to stabilize.

Here’s the shot straight of the Sony FS-700 card Dropbox - Error

We making a new app ad and the first shot is a guy on a bench using the app. we shot with wide angle, two stapes away, starting low and getting closer to the guy while lifting the camera and turning it over his shoulder to reveal the phone.

In the beginning of the shot you can definitely notice where we took the two steps. We want to take that shake out but still remain as wide as possible.

Tracking the ground and using stabilize, did an ok job but cropped the image quite a bit.


It’s it possible? if yes, any better way to approach it?




If you’re finding the image is cropped too much, select reference frames to find the most fullframe pan you can get. Select reference frames when your shot is the most cropped.

You can add reference frames in the bottom left of the stabilize module.