Stabilizing with Mocha Pro in Fusion


I’m using Mocha Pro for stabilizing drone shots like this at 00:55
Recently I switched from Premiere & AE to Davinci Resolve and I’m not sure if my current workflow is optimal.

With AE I would do the following:

  1. track an object like the building
  2. adjust settings in the stabilizing module and then export the transform data
  3. apply tansform data on a null
  4. on a second null I manually set keyframes for scale, position and rotation

In Fusion I also use the stabilizing module, export “Blackmagic Fusion COMP Data” and paste that on a tracker node. After that I use a node with the corner pin effect and after that a transform node. The result is fine but what I don’t like about this method is that I have to manually connect each corner of the corner pin node to the respective path of the tracker node. Is there an easier/quicker way? I know that I could just use the “module renders” function on the Mocha Pro node. But with this method everything outside the frame get’s discarded and I can’t manually adjust the framing afterwards.

Thank you very much in advance!

Why not just use the built-in corner positioner in the exported tracker node?

Hi Martin,

thank you for your reply. I already tried that but somehow it doesn’t work. The effect doesn’t get rendered. There is only a box moving around.

With an additional corner pin node applied I get the desired effect:

But that’s a tedious process as I mentioned.

I tried a lot of different settings for the built-in corner positioner. Nothing worked so far.

You can manually adjust the framing in the Stabilize Module and render that, if that was a concern.