Standalone Particle Illusion 2021 MacOSx

Hello. I also replied on another topic but realized I should just put it in here but there’s a weird bug when I run it on MacOSx where it just crashes as soon as you launch it. Here’s a video:

Hope it helps you guys.

Does the preferences file exist?

If that file DOES exist, please send it to us, then delete it and try running PI again.

It does not.

I tried to uninstall and reinstall but I still get the exact same error code.

Send us the crash log please. If you open up the Console app you should see the Particle Illusion crash reports. If you select the PI crash report you can r-click on it and “Reveal in Finder” – then can send us the whole file.

Particle Illusion_2021-02-18-214314_MacBook-Pro-2.pdf (75.5 KB)

Has the file helped


Sorry for the delayed reply and thanks for sending along that crash log. It is still under review by our engineering team. We continue to be unable to reproduce this problem in our QA lab so we might need to prepare a new diagnostic build for you to run. In the meantime can you see if a PI.log file is being generated on your system. If so please attach it:

Also can you clarify what emitter libraries are installed? Are there any custom/personal libraries installed or is it just the contents of the main PI installer so far?

Did the previous standalone PI release work for you or is this the first version of PI you have installed?

Can you list the system specs?


Hello Jason,

No it did not. This is all that has been created.

The only emitter iibrary I have is the one from the new installer. I did run a previous stand alone version and that one worked up until my CPU began to get so hot. But I wanted to retry it since I got more into video editing again and used to won PI3 back in the day.

MacBookPro 13inch 2017 Two Thunderbold 3 ports
Processor: 2.3 GHz Dual Core Intel Core i5
Memory: 8GB 2133Mhz LPDDR3
Videocard: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 1536MB

Runs on macOS Big Sur.

Thanks for the additional info. We hope to have a test build for you to try out soon based on analysis of that crash log. We will send you a private message through the forum when it is available.


We have just released a maintenance update to Particle Illusion Standalone 20201 - v14.0.3. This resolves problems where sometimes PI would fail to fully load or would exit prematurely due to changed sets of emitter libraries from one install to the next. This should resolve the issue raised on this thread and the update is recommended for all Particle Illusion Standalone users.