Standalone Particle Illusion 2021

I downloaded the Free Standalone Boris FX Particle Illusion from the Link on your YouTube Video. Once Installed, every time I tried to run it, I would get the Error Message (Particle Illusion.exe has stoped working) after just a few seconds. I can’t get it to start.
My Computer is a Windows 8.1
The information on the CPU is an Intel (R) Pentium (R) CPU G645T @ 2.50 GHz

Does the error message give more information?

Try updating your graphics/video drivers.

No that was all it said after just a couple of seconds. All my Drivers are up to date. I uninstalled it twice and re-installed but the same thing keeps happening.

Did you have an older version of Continuum or Particle Illusion installed at one time? I’m wondering if it’s grabbing bad Preference data.

Do you have the additional Emitter Libraries installed too?

a number of years ago I did have an older version of Adage or something like that for Cyberlink Powerdirector 11. That didn’t work either so I uninstalled it. I installed NewBlueFX Titler pro 11 instead.

I am sorry I don’t know what you mean by Emitter Libraries. As I said, I saw the Free Standalone Particle Illusion Download Link on their Video so Downloaded it.

I have a Desktop and a Laptop Computer in my Livingroom. I also have a Laptop in my Bed Room which is rarely used. I decided to try Installing Particle Illusions in that one. It worked straight away. So the Problem is obviously in the other two Computers. I should say I ran the Trouble Shooter and Compatability setting with both but nothing worked. I am getting a new Desktop Computer in a couple of weeks so it will be interesting to see if it works on that one.

What version of Windows are the other machines running? Officially Particle Illusion only supports Windows 10 and up, although in practice I would have expected Win 7 and Win 8 to work ok. It could be there are problems with Win 8 or it could be the machine has other issues like an insufficient GPU. More complete system specs for the various machines would be helpful.

I had trouble too/ running installer - I do have a good system - and for my Win10 - it just happened to create a vcruntime 140_1dll error. After searching microsoft and a legit youtube vid on dll error fix - i installed necessary files (4 total) - it installed and works just fine now - So my point is this - Your pc might not have these runtime files installed - just search for this vcruntime140_1dll error thing and install the fixes/files to fix error - whether or not you have the error - you just might not have these runtimes installled? This was my case…

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