Standalone Title Studio doesnt complete startup

Hello. I am now having difficulty starting the Title Studio standalone. Regardless of whether I click on the shortcut, or running the file name, title studio starts and reaches 16% CPU and 46.2 Mb ram. (by task manager) but at that point it stops and screen never fills. It seems it is waiting for me to do something but nothing is being required. The plug in works in Premiere

Windows 10 recent update
32 Mb ram paging file 4864 MB

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance


The first thing is to ensure that you’re running the latest version of Continuum Title Studio.

Does the Title Studio UI appear at all? Is it that the UI appears but is unresponsive to user input? If so, then what I think might be happening is that the project settings dialogue box is coming up on the launch of the standalone Title Studio but it’s being obscured by some other window and the UI hang is because it’s waiting for you to review and ok the project settings. At least that’s my guess at what could be going on.

If you’ve tried all of the usual stuff like rebooting and reinstalling Continuum and the problem persists then you might be best served by going through support. Boris FX | Open a Case

Thank you. I’ll do that