Standalone will not start

Version 15.02. The interface will not show up.
Mac OS Big Sur v.11.6. iMac Pro. Radion Pro Vega 64 16 GB.

Hi Nicklas,

When you launch PI, do you see the PI menu items in the top menu bar? If so that indicates the app is up and in that case try selecting View: Load Layout : Default (or use Command+ 1) to see if this resets the UI on that system.



Problem solved. Had to change the screen from high resolution to default mode.

Saved an Illusion project.

At the new start of the app, you are back.

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This will probably happen again: the way to prevent it is to make sure the PI window is slightly smaller than maximized. Maximized window sometimes causes issues at startup.

To fix it when it does happen, use the “Enter Full Screen” option in the PI View menu, then “Exit Full Screen” – you’ll see the PI window appear as a tiny sliver of a window somewhere on your display – for me it’s near the lower left corner. You can then manually resize that window sliver into something useful.