Start Mocha VR in non-VR mode?

I started tooling around with MochaVR just to start learning to use it, and since I don’t have that much VR footage to work with yet, I’m just doing some simple tracking (exercises, really) to get familiar with how the various modules work, but I keep running to some VR-specific warnings, like the stabilize module not being support for VR projects, and VR projects MUST be 2:1 aspect ratios… is there a way to use MochVR in a non-VR mode, especially right now while I’m just getting started with it?

I’m using it via HitFilm Pro 2017 right now.


Just turn the equirectangular lens in the lens tab to “none” and you should be all set.

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More specifically, if you are working on a long series of projects that don’t require VR, you can change the default lens calibration Camera Model in Preferences.
This is under the Lens tab in mocha Preferences. Our recommendation is to set it to “No Distortion” as the default.
You can always change this back to Equirectangular if you start working on more VR projects.

That did the trick.


I have a similar question: How to deal with the Nikon KeyMission360 material caused the same message (MUST be 2:1 aspect ratio)?

The original size is about 3840:2160px - so what can i do?

You’ll need to convert the footage to a 2:1 aspect ratio so that it will work for mocha.

Just so you know, we will be providing an update (most likely in mocha VR 5.5.2) that will support all footage ratios for VR. In the meantime you will need to reformat to 2:1. The easiest way to do this if you own the plugin is to nest the footage in a separate 2:1 comp and rescale it to fit. You can then easily de-scale it afterwards for your needs.