Starting Animation Rotoscoping

I just came across the youtube tutorial on rotoscoping animation and I have some question regarding this technique and i was hoping you could help me :blush:
I’m an interactive media student from Germany and currently working on my bachelor thesis. For this, i’m creating an animation movie and since I first saw the A-ha “take on me” music video, I fell in love with this kind of rotoscoping style!
I’m currently running some tests with Mocha - since my movie includes a lot of hand animation - and stumbled on some difficulties in tracking the fingers. What is your opinion on the Mocha Pro version, does it help a lot in speed and creating the animations? and what can i do against the error message “Tracking layer terminated prematurely”?
I tried this style before and drew every frame by hand, but now since it’s a bigger project and has a deadline it has to be quick and good.

Hi Sofia,

For fingers, unless they are close-up, I wouldn’t even try to track them and instead do manual keyframing.
There’s too little information to hold onto, especially if there is fast movement.
If they are close-up, you should generally only track with shear at most or even just translation.

If you don’t have much to work with on the fingers, you might be better off tracking the hand with a basic translation, then linking the fingers to the track, animating the rest manually.

I can imagine doing the whole thing frame-by-frame with a pencil would be tough for a single person. We’d love to see how you’re approaching it digitally.

I love the “Making of” on how Candice Reckinger and Mike Patterson took 16 weeks to animate the original video by hand: a-ha - The Making of Take On Me (Episode 2) - YouTube