Stereo 360 Tracking Tips

I am having a difficult time tracking the scene you see pictured. The camera was on a Mantis and basically moves forward about 2 feet and stops. There is some swaying otherwise but not too much.

I have tried tracking many different objects and shapes but nothing really sticks. Happy to share the footage as well.

Any tips otherwise?

  1. Don’t bother tracking the mantis itself. Given the camera is fixed to it, you should only need to manually animate parts of it when shadows change.
  2. If you’re planning on removing the rig, then the rest seems very doable. Just create a largish layer under the rig layer

What are you doing in the scene? Inserts, stabilization or Removal?

Hi Forrest,
If you want to upload the clip for me, I can take a look today.

Thanks Ross. Just emailed you.