Still Image Quality Loss After Pasting Tracking Info into AE

I utilized Mocha AE to do planar tracking on a rooftop in a 4k video. I successfully tracked it, specifying the rooftop as the tracking surface. I copied the tracking information into After Effects onto a still image that I wanted to place on the rooftop. However, upon doing that, my still image (size: 6594 × 3744 pixels) appears to have undergone a drastic loss of quality, being almost entirely blurred even when it isn’t scaled up.

Does anyone know why this is happening or what I can do to fix this? Thanks in advance.

This may be to do with the scaling factor of the surface.
To fix this, go to the point in your timeline where the surface appears to be at LARGEST scale and adjust the surface slightly, even if you put it back into exactly the same position. This will reset the scale to be 100% at that frame and everything will scale up or down from that point.

Then export your track again and see if that makes a difference.

Also, using corner pin only export helps to fix this if it’s scaling up too high in the transform and corner pin combo.