Still- Remove Module, Mac, Mocha Pro 4, Renders HALF shape?

I’m still stuck. I got V4 of Mocha Pro running on my laptop, thinking the issues on my MacPro were due to the MacPro.

But no. I do my track. I do my shape to remove the logo, and attach it to the track. All looks pretty solid. I go to the Remove module. Create a clean plate. Edit it in Photoshop. It looks PERFECT. I do a render in Mocha… and same deal, only HALF the shape is filled with the clean plate. Also, it’s clear the clean plate is NOT aligned somehow with the footage in Mocha.

Here’s another screenshot.


Hi Patrick,

I’m answering your post on the original thread here: URGENT deadline, Mocha Pro Remove Module Whack - Mocha Pro - Boris FX Forum