Stop motion roto on 2's

Hey so i was trying to figure this out the other day, as i way prefer the roto functionality of mocha pro to after effects but i was struggling to get it to work in a friendly way.

Maybe i am completely missing somehting but i did look through the manual to no luck.

The animation is shot on 2s and i was wondering if there is similar functionality to AE where you can toggle hold frames easily in mocha as it interpolates between my keyframes i am setting.


Hello John!

There is a way to do that.
First you need to make Curve editor window visible.
Then, in Curve editor, make sure that eye symbol for needed splines are enabled, so you can see the keyframes. Select all the keyframes, and choose the “Constant” type of interpolation
Hope that helps

Thank you, yeah i had found that but for some reason wasnt working like i expected. I will take another look. Cheers