Stop planer surface changing shape?

Hi, when i track something in Mocha Pro the spline changes shape as it follows the subject :+1:
but the insert also changes shape, is there a way to make the insert stay the same shape & size as it was orig added as it progresses along the timeline, simply follow the subject but not altering in aspect or size?

Here i’ve tracked a child & used your logo as an example

But further along the logo gets distorted ?

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Track only Transform. Leave Scale, rotation and the others unchecked.


You also have to ensure that the surface you are tracking is a single plane. Someone’s head is not a single plane. If the head turns, the plane changes, so the Surface distorts unless you are tracking Transformation only.

You still have to be careful, but you can get away with perspective changes if you only track position.

Reflections pose another problem. They will really throw off a track because the pixel values completely change, and the movement of a reflection is in the opposite direction as the movement.

I would have used a much smaller spline for that shot and centered it over the shoulder and the backpack strap. All the other planes in your spline will foul up the track. The Surface (blue rectangle) can be repositioned. It does not have to be inside the spline.

I hope this helps.