Stop tracking an X spline within a layer?

Hi everyone,

Does anyone (hint-Mary) know how to stop tracking 1 X spline of several, at a specific frame?

For example, Let’s say I create 3 X splines which are all created on 1 layer.

Then, at frame 50, I need 1 of the x splines to stop tracking from frame 50- 100. (not deleted) but to stop tracking.

Sort of like Set in & out points of a layer, however I need it for 1 x spline out of the 3 in the layer.

Any help on this would be appreciated,



There’s handy in and out points in “Layer Properties” that will totally help you with this problem. Simply make sure you can see the layer properties panel and set your in and out points at the top of it. It’s not the same as setting clip “in and out” points.

Try that and let me know if it works for what you’re trying to do!



Hi Lou,

Mary’s suggestion works for different layers, but in your scenario, it is not possible.

Can you describe exactly what it is you want to do? I think there is a solution, but it depends on what you are doing.