Stopping an emitter while letting particles finish

I’ve been through all of the introductory videos, some of them a couple of times. Unless I missed it, I can work out how to start an emitter at a specific time after the start of the animation, but I can’t work out how to stop the emitter emitting particles after a given point in time while letting those already-created particles continue their lifespan. I’m trying to create a short explosion that then allows the particles created to continue their lifespan by themselves. I was expecting to find a way of creating a left-pointing arrow at the end fo the emitter timeline in the graph view, as opposed to the right-pointing arrow when the emitter starts, but I can’t seem to find a way of doing it, and I don’t recollect it in any of the videos. The alternative seems to be to use keyframes to stop an emitter emitting particles, but this seems unnecessarily complicated for something for which I surely cannot be the only person that has wanted this. What am I missing, anyone?

Your help greatly appreciated

Animate the top-level “Number” property, and have it step down to 0 at the frame you want the particles to stop being emitted.

Take a look at any of the explosion or burst emitters for reference.

Thanks - so you do have to use animation after all, but I’ve got the hang of it now. And got the effect I wanted