Straight Forward Mocha Tutorials?

I have been trying to use Mocha for a while now and I am having very little luck making any progress, can anyone suggest any straight forward tutorials for just basic motion tracking?
My standard method involves bringing the footage into Mocha from AE as .png sequences, then I select the area I want to track, ticking perspective just before I track the motion, but for some reason every time I track something the area I selected rarely tracks even close to the footage position. The process of using Mocha is slowly becoming equally as painful as using After Effects own built in tracker.

While mocha does have a slight learning curve, keep in mind that mocha is a planar tracker, and the areas you track must be on the same or very similar “planes”, meaning pixels all moving relative to one another. If you spend some time trying to learn a bit of how mocha “thinks,” I think you’ll find tracking to be much easier for you.
We have several tutorials on planar tracking available here: Boris FX | Videos
But I also recommend you check our documentation on the basics of how our tracker works:
You also may want to browse our tutorials on the specific type of track you are trying to do, as in, are you trying a screen replacement or are you looking to stabilize your shot?

I have noticed occasionally that mocha will seem to be tracking different footage than is loaded. Haven’t had a chance to log a bug or anything. Just saying that you might be doing everything correctly and there is a different underlying issue. The issue is always resolved by simply starting a new scene.
Try tiffs…?
Hard to say without really looking at your project.