Strange borders around Powermesh track

Hello all,

Hope somebody can help me figure this out. I’m doing a pwermesh track (logo replacement) and am tracking a clean background over the current logo and “applying the matte” in the Mocha Pro plugin. But, there is a strange border that starts showing inside the matte. I’ve noticed this is because of the “warp” going on, and it’s picking up the warped weirdness in the image. Is there a way to fix this so you don’t get these bizarre edges? You can’t really even feather the matte because it just shows the warped image.

Also, WHY is it warping the replacement image instead of just tracking it nicely? I mean I know I have warp selected, etc. Just curious if there is a BETTER way to do this or fix it so my edges are clean?

Hope all that makes sense???


If you can provide some more detail that would be great. Are you using After Effects, Nuke, or a different host?
Aso, are you applying the Mocha effect to your cleaned background and choosing Warp Stabilize in the render option OR are you using the reverse warp stabilization workflow to unwarp your image and comp in a stabilized view?

Lastly, once you have the clean plate married properly to your bg, you might want to export the mocha mask vs to comp vs using the apply matte.

Hope this helps.