Strange tracking issue

im tracking lots of cars that do turns through fisheye lenses, drive close by the camera, and all this has time remapping. motor seems to be doing a good job except i think when it hits the time remapping it screws up the tracking shape, sometimes compresses it to half the length (making the attached roto 2x as wide). i dont really see why time remaps should be causing such a problem, when visually the car’s features are still clear. what can i do to alleviate this?

in a related problem, when i attach rotos to these bad tracks, even though the tracking spline shape distorts heavily when it hits the point of time remap, it stays the same after that. the roto attached to it however, changes and distorts wildly. and even when i adjust two frames of the roto to correct them, the in between frams are still way off. how is this possible? frame 1 and frame 10 both have rotos that are too wide, and i fix them, then frame 5 should be fine, right? but frame 5 still turns out too wide by the same amount, so i end up rotoing almost every frame!

im tracking with perspective on, and i usually track from the middle of the sequence forwards, and then from the midle backwards.


I’m emailing regarding this shot, basically I’d need to have a look at the actual shot and preferably your project file.

Please check your email.