Stroke path / Mocha spline

Hi, i believe there is a way to stroke a path in AE similar to Photoshop, but for those of us who don’t have AE…
I have Title studio that always you to draw a border around a spline & control it’s animation start/end but is their an fx that does a similar thing without having to open TS?

Like S_UltraZap’s control points to draw a path? I don’t think it can be done at the moment.

Yep like that, it would i guess be a simpler version of UltraZap, but with better control of the start & end,
We’ll see after the wk’end if i get a reply from Boris :+1:

Yep, you can animate a colored stroke along a path in Title Studio. To do this, create a path shape, then with the shape selected disable the fill and enable a border and once you enable the border you can then animate the Border Begin and Border End to animate the stroke around the shape. I’ve attached a screenshot that shows this feature in action.


@PeterMcAuley Thanks for your reply but

@Gid.Joiner Ahhh … got it. Well I don’t know of any filter effect in Continuum that will generate an animatable stroke along a path. If not TS, then I’d go to AE for that type of thing and I’d probably use the Vegas filter or the Stroke filter, depending on the source type and the desired result.

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Ok, well S_UltraZap follows a Mocha spline, could that be simplified, to a solid colour, no branchiness or wriggle, just like in TS it just needs controls for thickness, colour, start & finish for the animation on/off,
:+1: Thanks.

OK, I’ll take this as a feature request for a BCC+ Stroke filter. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Thankyou, Love Mocha, :+1: