Struggling to track a bus to replace sign, help

Hi, today i filmed this bus on the way home to practice Mocha Pro 2021 tracking & replacing the sign with an insert but i really can’t get a good track whatever configuration i try, the sign is dark but there’s individual contrasting parts to it,
I tried tracking the whole thing, tracking a small part of it, tracking multiple small areas of the sign as one tracking layer, i tried tracking other parts of the bus like the Leeds City sign but throws a perspective twist to the planer surface when applied to the sign, i even tried tracking the whole bus, & i tried the sign with the mesh spline, that didn’t go too well :rofl:, the bus isn’t going to fast but i tried altering the search area, raising & lowering it to no avail,
I eventually went along the 4½sec clip, tracking & altering each frame as needed to until it was spot on , applied the planer tracker to insert a jpg/png, … it sit’s ok to begin but played along it just goes off in it’s own direction
Why!!?? :persevere:

This is the clip if anybody wants a go & can tell me what settings they used, Thanks

Getting it to track & follow the Leeds City sign is no prob, Loving Mocha for that but to replace the long sign is hard work

Can you try switching to CPU tracking instead of GPU tracking and tell me if you get the same results?

Also, what did you film these on and what is the codec? You may be fighting with compression.

Hi, it’s a Huawei P30 phone, (the worst phone i’ve ever had, can’t wait for an upgrade)
it’s an MP4 1920 x 1080, just had a look a the Properties details in Windows, it doesn’t say much & when i drag the clip into Vegas in the properties there’s this

in the last video i posted tho you can see Mocha sticks well to the Leeds City sign if i put just a simple sq spline on, & i only have my phone camera so all i’ve practiced with have been the same format/codec, they work ok, it’s just this long banner across the middle of the bus i can’t get it to stick to,
I just had a look for CPU tracking instead of GPU tracking, sorry don’t know how/where to alter that?
is it this ? Use GPU processing, in there i have Intel or Nvidia along with the Automatic

I just did a mesh spline on the Leeds sign & that worked very well first time no messing about even right to the end when the bus is far away at an odd angle, Thanks Mary I think i just need to learn how to track a dark slightly blurry image like the long banner is across the middle of the bus, :man_shrugging::woozy_face::+1::grin:

OK, so what I think might be happening if PowerMesh is working and the planar track isn’t is that you have some significant lens warp going on, which makes sense on a phone. You would wither need to solve for the lens curve first and then create a regular planar track for a corner pin OR use the PowerMesh instead like you have done.

:+1: Thanks, I’ll keep trying & keep that in mind,
There’s some reflection from the sky too, i know in your vids you always say avoid that,

Yeah, and you can always use adjust track to correct drift over time when reflections cause problems.

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:+1: Nearly got a full track, best yet anyway without messing, letting the mesh spline hang over the spline rectangle helps give data to the tracking because the advert banner has dark areas, esp bottom left & at the back end the frame is the same colour as the back of the bus so it tends to drift but the LED in the bus window changes & flashes, i can pull the mesh away from that,
living n learning Mary, I think i’ve been spoilt by Mocha doing such a perfect job on simpler areas/tracks

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Hi Mary, just thought i’d give you an update, (& anyone else that might read this) I finally i got a good track on the bus, it was getting a bit lost when i tracked small areas esp with the reflections but when i tried a big area it was fairly good, I know in your vids you avoid the big areas with shine on them but there’s detail on this one, advert sign, pillars etc… less for Mocha to mistake i the next frame or more to identify with i guess, it just slipped a bit here & there but if i placed the splines on the middle of the door & window pillars that restricted horizontal movement, not perfect but 98% :grin::+1:

Thank you for the update.

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