Struggling to track these glass doors!

Hi guys, great active community on this forum I’ve noticed :slight_smile:

FYI I have not used Mocha much. So I have been trying to replace the outdoors in the footage here:

My first thoughts were to track a chunk of the door because that’s present throughout most of it. But my surface and grid drifts quite a bit, despite adjusting my track shape and retracking.

With the nature of this shot, i feel like i would have to keep adjusting the track shape to a different smaller part of the door as the video plays, to have a full track.

Is this doable? My deadline is tomorrow so I’ve got about 6hours to do it. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

If you want to track the door, you should avoid the windows and only track the edges. This is actually one of the reasons we made the Area Brush, so you could quickly make a shape like this:

Once you have a good track, you can link multiple mask layers for each window to the track.

Of course, you will be tracking the actual surface of the door, so any insert would move with it. In Mocha Pro’s insert module we do have a 3D offset that fakes depth.

Another option (maybe advanced) would be to use Mocha to mask out all of the door edges and then run that through AE’s camera tracker - if you wanted to have something feel that it was really in the bg. Many ways to tackle projects.

Hope this helps.

Okay that sounds amazing, but I’m using mochaAE, will I have access to this brush tool? If not then what can I do?

Whoops, that is a Mocha Pro feature, not Mocha AE. But it is quite simple to create a shape that focuses on the edges and avoids the window. Note that Mocha is a planar tracker and the objects behind the windows are on a different “plane” than the window, so this is why we avoid the data that throws off the track.

You can create one large shape with an X-Spline and than if you want to knock out the windows in separate shapes change the X-Spline tool to X+. This allows you to add shapes to the same layer and extract (cut holes in your shape). or simply make a funny shape that only includes the window edges like the one I sent.

Beautiful, I’ll do that then. Thank you.

Managed to finish the work in time! here’s the result!

The single shape I ended up drawing to track and then the window cutouts linked to that main track (in red)

I rotoscoped the hand manually in after effects as it seemed quite a bit too funky to try and tackle it in mocha.

Thanks again