Struggling with Edge Width

Mac AE 16.1.2 and Mocha Pro AE Plugin v5.6.0

So as you can see in my screen grab, I have a few frames where there is a lot of blending between the legs and the plate behind it. The plate is being replaced in AE. I’ve been trying all sorts of settings, but none seem to do the trick. Maybe I’m not understanding the Edge Width tool.

In this shot, I don’t understand why I’m getting such a harsh edge with such a high Edge Width?

Maybe your inner points are on the outside instead of the inside. That’s what looks like is going on here. Does the matte look feathered when you turn it on?

But you’re also better off rebuilding some of that motion blur with a solid or with an insert with motion blur for the leg. See this tutorial for reference as to what I mean about the blur: Boris FX | Mocha Pro: Patching & Removing Obscured Objects with Insert Module

Use Mocha plug-in “apply matte” to get the edge width out. You can output the RGBA as cutout and comp on top.

You might be applying the Mocha shape as an AE mask, which will not come over with edge width. You could use the mask feather in AE, but Mocha’s edge width with per-point feathering gives more control.

OK so the points are not reversed. If I flip them, they there is a razor sharp edge. I’m not using AE mask either.

I now believe it’s an AE issue as the mask looks perfect, but when I try either luma matter or alpha, that’s when the issue arises.

What do you see if you go back to AE and Select Apply Matte in the Mocha plug-in? The black & white matte should match what you see in your 2nd image. You also have to select the proper Mocha layer (if you have linked a roto layer to other track layer).