Stuck with adjusting surface

Hi, i’m new in Mocha, long day i try to figure out the problem i found, but no success. May be becouse i don’t know what keyword i have to search. Until this night, i’m still facing this problem, i’m stuck on this.
The problem is here :

  1. I try to track, IT IS BACKWARD TRACK, creating xspline layer, and surface, then start tracking. It good but i found my xspline and surface become untidy then i stop tracking, and adjust it manually, like below preview image :

  2. I fix it manually, i adjust my xspline and automatically created new keyframe, of course i adjust the surface too, like below image :

  3. After adjusting xspline and surface, i try to go to previous keyframe. IT IS BACKWARD TRACK to the previous keyframe are on the right. :slight_smile:
    wow, the surface of my previous keyframe become untidy. Like image below :

  4. Then i try to fix it. done. i have fix surface. Then i go to next keyframe, remember i use BACKWARD TRACKING so the next keyframe is on left :slight_smile:
    Wow, my next keyframe become untidy after i fixt previous keyframe. Like image below :

  5. Then i fix next keyframe surface. when i fix it, the previous keyframe surface become untidy again.
    AND I STUCK on this problem since this morning, until this night.
    Sorry this is my first time using mocha.
    Hopefully i got answer.

HI there,

You can’t adjust the surface manually unless you are in manual track and it is not recommended when you are tracking to track manually unless you have an occlusion. The surface tool just shows you what the track is doing.

You are tracking reflections here and shouldn’t be. Track only the edges of the phone making a C shape with the X spline, avoid fingers, and use the Add to X Spline tool to grab the middle of the screen. Try re-tracking. If the surface starts to slip, let it slip and don’t touch it, try to adjust your shape around any occlusions or reflections and re-track that section. If it’s still not tracking, adjust your tracking parameters to get past that problem area. Keep tracking. Eventually you may need to use Adjust Track to get everything perfect.

Please see our extensive training videos here: Boris FX | Training Series

Or you can go to our getting started guide here: Mocha Pro 2019: Getting Started with Tracking Basics - YouTube

This should help you get better results immediately. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.


Thanks so much Mary, i’ll try your suggestion.

Hi mary, tracking makes me cry. I have watched your first and second video of basic tracking. I’m curious how you can smooth tracking.
I have practised it and still same, long days i practised it and still stuck.
I’m still on basic tracking, usling xpline layer dan surface. Just this two basic. and STILL STUCK until this night.

You don’t suck. You are just learning. It is ok. Do not be hard on yourself with the negative self talk. :slight_smile:

Can you show me where the problem is happening on this shot still and I can see how I can help?

Hi mary, look at this, i let my surface flip and not touch surface like what suggest before.
I have just made amazing xspline tracking, when my xspline become untidy i adjust it. When i adjust this xpline it will automatically create a new keyframe.
Below is the image :

Now, when i activate surface tool, i see my surface is flip. Everytime i fix my xspline my surface still flip.
Below is the image :

So, what the problem with my tracking???
In here i don’t touch or adjust surface. Should i just let this surface flip?

Now, i try to fix the surface on the frame when it begin flip by drag its corner to fix with rectangle image.
Below is the image :

this is if i touch and fix the surface. Ok its done.
But when i go to previous frame and another previous frame, the surface begin untidy too.
the image below :

This is why i still confuse with surface and xspline. I see many basic tutorial out there also fix the surface if the surface begin flip. And the result is great. But why not with my tracking?

You really aren’t using enough tracking area. You need to also rack the edges of the phone like I suggested before. And the surface tool is different from the spline, no amount of correcting the spline is going to correct the track.

If you track too small of an area, there’s not enough information and texture to follow.

Thanks mary, i’ll try again,