Subscribing to only my chosen threads

It’s not just you Martin. This … much like a lot of communication with BorisFX is confusing.
Having simply posted a discussion recently, I am now subscribed to EVERY thread!! When and why and in what universe is it a useful function?!

Let me loop @jps in and see if he can shed some light.

Check the setting called “Enable mailing list mode” on the Emails page in preferences. If this is ticked then you will receive a lot of e-mails. There’s also a setting on that page for a daily summary.

The terminology Discourse (our forum software) uses for this can be confusing. For any topic/category/user you can be either

Tracking: this means you see a badge showing the number of unread posts. It shouldn’t send you e-mails. By default, any topic you read for more than 4 minutes will be set to tracking.
Watching: you will receive e-mails when anything new happens on that topic.

You can see the list of things you are watching and tracking under Notifications > Categories then “Show watched topics” or “Show tracked topics”.

Thanks for the insight John-Paul.

Maybe this fixes it, maybe it doesn’t. That said, haven’t we reached a stage where software can/should be rather intuitive — unless it reinvents some old habit in a radical and better way … THEN maybe people should (be forced to) relearn?


Just so I’m clear on this, selecting Preferences/Emails/Enable Mailing list mode will send me an email when something I am ‘watching’ or ‘tracking’ gets a response?



+1 on Martin’s question.

I have a partial answer for you. Enabling Mailing list mode is key. Once you do that, you’ll definitely get emails for posts in topics that are set to “watching”. If you set a topic to “normal” then I don’t think you’ll get emails for it, unless maybe you created the topic or posted a reply?

Like you I find the Discourse platform a challenge to understand.


Thanks Alan. I have only now gone to check this out. I do already have ‘Enable mailing list mode selected.’ I assume if I deselect it, I will get no notifications, even for topics I’ve posted or am following. And regularly going to the forum and marking any post I’m disinterested in as “normal” would seem to be even more involved than deleting the emails from my inbox.

The pulldown for ‘Enable mailing list mode selected’ offers ‘Send me an email for every new post (about 9 per day)’ and ‘Send an email for every new post except my own.’ I guess what I’m looking for is ‘Send an email for every response to my post or to any I am following’ or ‘…to any I have posted to’ or something like that.

Is nothing like this available? I get enough email responses to this forum that the potential is great I will accidentally delete a response to my own post without reading it.


Sorry to bring this up again after so much time, but I feel like I either have not gotten an absolute answer or I haven’t understood it. Let me phrase the questions again succinctly.

Is there a way to receive email notifications only for threads I am participating in?

If so, how do I do it?



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Sorry I didn’t reply earlier, as I’m not certain that it’s possible. You can set a topic (thread) to “Muted” instead of “Watching”, “Tracking”, or “Normal” and in theory you’ll never see anything about that thread again. You can only do this through the forum web interface though, not through the emails.

Also, I think that if you reply to a thread, the “Muted” status gets reset to “Tracking” , or something like that.

Sure, right. But I get every single message posted to this site regardless of whether I’ve responded to the thread or read the thread.


Sorry Alan, I didn’t see this response before replying to your second. So every time someone posts something new to this forum, if I’m not interested, I need to come here and mute it. Or I can choose to disable mailing list mode and receive nothing, even responses to threads I am participating in.

I’m not one to throw a lot of ill will up on the internet and I am a fan of all things Boris, but I am on a lot of forums that don’t work that way and that really seems poor design.

Ah well, moving on,


I agree it’s clunky. How would you like it to work? You said that you want to select which threads to subscribe to. In that case, wouldn’t you still need to come here whenever a new thread is started to decide if you want to subscribe or not?


I think users would want an option to be automatically enrolled to receive posts on the specific threads which they created or to which they have already posted. I agree with Martin (and other users who have had similar complaints) that it is not expected to receive posts from every future thread in a category just because you posted once to a category with no way to disable that behavior. Basically, if a user posts a question on the forum, they want to be alerted to any future posts on that thread they created. But there is no option for them to receive updates ONLY for the subset of threads which they created or to which they have replied. They either get everything in that Category or nothing.

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Right, Alan, I’d like to see something pretty much as jclement put it. If I’ve started a thread, responded to a thread or ticked a box indicating I would like to be notified of any additional responses to a thread, then I would like to get an email.

As examples, both Avid’s Community Forum and Adobe’s various forums work this way.


Martin, did you ever try disabling mailing list mode? Personally I have this turned off, so I only receive notifications for topics I have specifically tracked or watched. If you set the option in Notifications “When I post in a topic, set that topic to…” to Watching, then you’ll get an e-mail when there are posts in a topic you participated in.

Mailing list mode overrides the other options, so you need to turn it off first.

Thanks JPS, I will try that immediately.


And this is why these forums are tricky for beta testing – with mailing list mode disabled, we’ve found that people don’t check the forums often enough, and miss several (or all) beta posts. :confused:

We ran into this on the Mocha beta forum and @martinb does something like specifically mentioning the mocha_beta group on announcements to make sure they get noticed.

It’s also possible as an admin to set any group member to watch a category but it requires non-user-friendly steps like customising a plug-in or running code on the server.

There’s a lengthy thread about it on the discourse meta Make members of a group watch a category by default with no obvious conclusion.