Subtract layer not being honored

I figure I must be doing something wrong. I’ve been using Mocha for years now, done training with Mary, and with this latest release my tracking holdouts are no longer doing anything.

What I’m doing, I create a shape around what I intend to track, then another layer shape set to subtract overtop. I turn off gears for the subtraction layer and set its keyframes. When I go to track as soon as my tracked object hits the obscuration with the holdout it just squeezes up like it would if there was no subtract shape at all.

Did this get broken or changed?

What version of Mocha are you on? This can sometimes be a bug on older versions of the software.

I’m on 8.0.1

Oh and thanks for the quick reply!

OK, well, good news is that this probably isn’t a bug then. Annoying news is it’s probably a reflection, occlusion, or lighting change happening in the shot. If you want, you can send me the shot and files and I can take a look in email. Or you can send me a screenshot with the shapes on and I can see if I can see anything funny.

maryp at borisfx dot com

NDA, can’t. But it’s a studio shot without any light flare.

I’ll send a screenshot to email. of just the trouble area.

Thanks, I’ll take a look.

I think this is the case of the area needing to be tracked might be too small. Can you try tracking the entire side of his head and trying again? And make sure that the holdout shape for the foreground goes like 15 pixels outside of the foreground object so that you catch all the motion blur in your occlusion mask?

I’ve got another one that is big and it is not honoring the subtract at all. I’ll send you via email whatever you need because this is driving me nuts and making my tracks take forever trying to mask around objects and trying to track alternative things because the subtract masks are not working consistently.

Can you make sure the eye icon is on for the holdout matte? I just found a potential bug yesterday where having the eye off is making Mocha not honor the holdout matte. Which I will touch base with @martinb on. Can you let me know if that is what is happening with your shot?

It’s on.

Can you email me your shot and Mocha file to maryp at ? I’ll troubleshoot. Because I’m trying to reproduce this on my end and am unable to.